Social TV – GetGlue stats commentary

So GetGlue released its social television statistics results for 2011 and they are interesting. Here are the things that I found most interesting:

  1. Look at the “Top Shows by Gender”. Isn’t it interesting that the average of the top 5 male check-in shows have about 54% check in rate while female rate is at 79%? Is there just more options for men, or women that watch shows watch all of them, or nothing?
  2. Out of the top 10 best new shows, only two appear in the top shows by genre (“American Horror Story” and “The X Factor”).
  3. The top 5 of the top 10 best new shows are all sci-fi/fantasy-esque.

The rest is a little on the predictable side.

When familiarity is a bad thing

Today I was watching this week’s episode of The Event and at one point they go and meet somebody “just outside” Tulsa, OK. I was excited, because I’ve been there and I could relate to what they were going to show! Then they get to the person’s house and there is a dialogue that said that the kid was found at a bus stop in Stillwater, OK. Awesome! I lived in Stillwater for almost 4 years, and I should really be excited about it, right? Well, unfortunately not really. First, buses and Stillwater are concepts that don’t work very well. Yes, there is a Greyhound stop in Stillwater, but that’s the only non-school-only bus stop in the city. So saying that a person was found at a bus stop in Stillwater doesn’t sound very realistic. But things get worse.

Right after this scene, there is a car chase scene where they are going after somebody’s car leaving “just outside Tulsa”. And what is the scenery? Hills and curving roads! That’s certainly not the Oklahoma I know! Think flat and almost perfectly straight roads and you will be closer to it. Unless “just outside Tulsa” was at the border with Arkansas where there are more hills…

Anyway, there has been a study that shows that movies sell more if they depict locations that people can relate to. For example, a movie that takes place in New York City will generally sell more than a movie with the same plot that takes place in North Dakota. However, if you go that way, make sure to get your details right! Yes, I know that choosing Oklahoma as a place for part of the episode does not qualify as a place that people can relate to and they need to get the details right…