Here are my current “active” projects:

Kid-friendly robotics/electronics – building simple robots or other electronic things that sort of interacts with my 3-year old, following his current interests.

Learn something new every day – TBD – maybe one day I’ll post the list (right now it’s not on a format that is very useful for anybody else)

And here are my past projects:

Autonomous Robotics – working with a friend of mine, Max, on building a robot to compete in the SRS Robo-Magellan

  • I’m working mostly on the software and electronics side of it, while Max is working primarily on the mechanical part.
  • 4-processor heterogeneous distributed architecture – this is what I’m most excited about the project: trying to see if it’s possible to have sensor and control abstractions going on different areas of the system, with continuous feedback

Heater/Dehumidifier Automation – I guess everybody that works with electronics wants to eventually do some home automation work. This is my version of it motivated by the fact that my furnace sensor is positioned in a place that is hard to reach/read, and that doesn’t have a lot of air flow, so it can’t quite tell the temperature of the room very well.

  • Wireless sensing – wireless sensors distributed throughout the house
  • Controllable from a computer – eventually my goal is to aggregate everything in a place that I can add some machine learning and scheduling to it easily
  • Low cost – even just adding Arduinos and XBees, if you add the battery, temperature and humidity sensors, you are talking something about $80 per node, which would limit a lot how many nodes I can add to this project (and not feel silly for spending this much money on it). That is probably the hardest thing in the whole project.

A new habitat for my lizard – she is getting big, so I need to build something new — DONE

  • Energy-efficient – it’s hard to make something that has to handle these temperatures and humidity and still be energy-efficient. Glass terrariums with a grating on top are not very energy-efficient.
  • Buildable – the plan was not to buy a lot of new equipment just for this project. So it’s all wood with two pieces of new power tools: a table saw and a router.