The spiral

It’s hard not to notice how much this year has forced us to adapt. March brought us (at least here in Seattle) COVID-19 and staying at home with kids almost all the time. We survived the kindergarten part of it, then came Summer and there was some sort of rhythm that was built at home of going out for a walk in the mornings and then starting the day. Then came first grade, which made things a little bit more complicated in the morning. Then came smoke and bad air quality which completely cancelled the morning walks.

But it’s fine, we adapt. Especially considering that I’m very fortunate of having the flexibility of choosing my own path to adapt. I still have my income, everybody in my family is healthy, my house is big enough that I can work at the same time as my older son is at his school Teams meeting and my wife is playing with my youngest, and nobody is interrupting anybody. I can’t say the same to a very large portion of the population.

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