Happy 2020!

It’s 2020 already and I feel quite old… For somebody born in the 1970s (yes, towards the end of that decade), 2020 feels like it was so far in the future!

The 2010s was a decade that contained a lot of changes. Marriage, 2 kids, 2 houses purchased (and 1 sold)… They were, for the most part, additive. So it was a pretty good decade (actually 2000s was pretty good too, but mostly circled about moving to the US and settling down here). What I expect (or don’t expect/hope won’t happen) in this decade:

  • Kids will continue growing. The oldest will be in high school at the end of the decade! (yikes)
  • Hopefully no more house buying or selling (but can’t be sure of that…)
  • I’ll probably still be a software developer at the end of the decade, or potentially doing more stuff in the management side. Unlikely I’ll retire or “semi-retire” (i.e. choose a lower-paying job that is more like a hobby-turned-business).
    • I will not make any statements on how many different companies I’ll have worked through the decade, because I think that’s something that can be interpreted incorrectly. I currently have no plans that include changing jobs in any planned window of time.
  • Looking back at the decade, the world and how we interact with the world would have changed a lot. I think a lot of it will be due to climate change and the things we will have to do to slow it down. It may be gradual and we may only be able to notice it in a more aggregate form, but it will happen.
    • Some of it will be good, of us being more aware of the resources we are using and the secondary effects around its use
    • Some of it will be bad. Many places and ecologies will be lost forever. Some activities will have to be adjusted to be more indoors, to move more inland where there will be less flooding.

I could go into technologies that I think will actually change in the 2020s, but I’m sure there are better lists on that out there.

Anyway, I’m happy we made it this far. Happy 2020!

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