I’m a father now, huh?

My first son, Elan, was born last week, on the 11th of August at 2:51 in the morning. Everything went well, even though it was a pretty long process. And now I’m a father!

It’s an interesting transition. You get 9 months of heads-up and you try to prepare yourself, but in the end the preparations end up being only physical (buy most of the things that you need – there is always something that you forget, fortunately all minor), and theoretical (I think I’m ready because I think I can delay my projects, or do less of some things so that I have more time for him). But only when he is actually born you realize that there is a practical side to this. Yes, it’s hard to do anything else (well, at least for now that he is very inconsistent on how much he sleeps and when he will decide to do things). And because I’m not taking the brunt of the work, as I don’t have to do the feeding itself, the rest of my time is to make sure that the other people, especially my wife, are well taken care of. Also, with my parents in town for another week or so, there is some extra work that I need to do to make sure that more people are being taken care of.

But how are things going in practice? Actually pretty well. I’m not as affected by having broken up sleep, so that part has been alright. And he does sleep in 2 hour chunks all the way through the night which is good (except for last night, but the exception proves the rule).

Changing diapers is not too bad yet. Things are not too smelly or terrible-looking. They can be explosive and I’ve seen multiple events of “spontaneous water fountains”, but nothing that I’ve been too disgusted or annoyed by yet. Having a Brit Mila does add some extra effort on diaper changing, but that’s temporary.

So in general things have been good. I’m sane and people here are generally happy, so on with it and let’s wait until I can start to tell things that he likes and doesn’t like. Right now, he likes to feed and doesn’t like to be cold. Easy.

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