Life happens

It’s funny that the last post was on a 2013 retrospective.

Anyway, lots of things this year so far. But the most important is the very soon life will be much changed. It’s hard to quantify what “very soon” means here, but it’s very likely in less than a week, and could even be today. Am I ready for it? Nah, but I guess I’m almost as ready as I could be.

What’s next after this? What about my projects that have been mostly abandoned anyway? Well, they certainly won’t see much difference for some time. But my hope is that this transition will make me be home more, and by being home more, I’ll do my projects more. Not for the next few months, but after that (if work doesn’t ramp up being crazy again).

Talking about work, how is that doing, you might be wondering. It’s all going well. Still excited about what I’m building, but still building something I can’t talk about. I’m interviewing a lot also as my team is still growing. I’m going through bar raiser training too, which makes me be involved even more on interviewing. Always reasons to learn new things.

Hope to be here more!

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