Got my Poppy today

And it’s pretty cool! What is it? Ah, well, let’s start with their website:

It’s basically an adapter to the iPhone to allow it to shoot and view 3D videos & pictures through image splitting. Basically they split the camera into a left and right, and then split the screen between a left and right and the device has a viewfinder that makes you see each eye separately. It’s pretty ingeniously simple. No electronic parts, just plastic, mirrors and lenses.

So what is interesting about 3D pictures/videos anyway? 3D on TVs is pretty much dead. Sorry for you people out there that bought one and now are dealing with the dropoff on new content for it. It’s still an interesting technology, but it’s just hard to convince people that watching TV is “serious” enough that it’s worth getting special glasses and paying attention in a certain way. For those active glasses you need to make sure the battery is charged, and pay $20-$50 for a new pair to let more people watch your content. It’s a pretty steep convenience fee.

So if I’m so down on 3D technologies that are not convenient, why am I so excited about Poppy? Not an easy answer here. First, I’m still interested about the technology and what 3D data can add to a scene. It’s odd that if you look at each image individually, it doesn’t seem to have as much quality of details as you can see on the combined 3D image. It’s all perception. And perception is everything when talking about vision.

It’s not the best thing since my first DSLR, for sure. It’s bulky, not the most comfortable viewfinder, having to remove the phone from the device to unlock it is problematic. But it requires no batteries, no new place to store my pictures (even though looking at the pictures without their app is a little “boring”), and, hey, I helped them launch! I was even an early bird backer!

Anyway, here is an example of a picture taken with Poppy:

As I said, it doesn’t look that clear. But if you had a way to see it split into two eyes you’d suddenly notice the details.

Anyway, there it is and I’m excited about it. Will let you know if I find some way for other people to see it. They said that I can build wigglegifs, but I cannot find how to do it in their app yet. Maybe it’s a beta feature that hasn’t been approved by Apple yet. Will post it when available.

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