When all computers fail…

Suddenly this week both my computers decided to give me some grief. First was my Mac that is running low on disk space (it’s all those pictures that I keep taking and filling my hard disk). It’s interesting that when I’m below 8 GB of hard disk free things can get quite weird. Part of it is because I have 8 GB of RAM on my computer and that creates 8 GB of swap/restore space. And that space is not always taken, so at some point I could have 5 GB free and a few minutes later I only have 44 MB free. At that time is when all software in the computer freezes and I have to drop to terminal to do anything. Solution: free more space (which is not straight-forward, but I’m trying).

Then comes to my windows machine… As I mentioned before, I have a Windows 8 machine that has been working reasonably well. Then Windows 8.1 came out and I thought: well, I heard good things about this upgrade, so maybe I should do it. Oh, if only Microsoft agreed with me! I download it and start installing. After it reboots I get a very quick blue screen with a sad face and after rebooting again I get an error after I log in saying that the upgrade failed and it rolled back to Windows 8 with a cryptic error code (0xC1900101-0x20017). There are lots of conflicting reports about what could be happening, but none of the solutions that I’ve heard (forcing install of all driver updates, running disabling the network) worked for me. I did try to find the log and look for information on what is going on, but I couldn’t find anything useful yet. Very frustrating!

But fortunately there are “workarounds”  for both my problems:

  1. Mac: free disk space
  2. Windows: don’t upgrade

And that’s what I’ve done. Boo…

I’ll report again if I’m able to upgrade Windows one of these days. As for my Mac, maybe it’s a sign that I should upgrade my now 4.5-year-old laptop…  New MacBook Pros have just been released, so it’s a great time to upgrade..


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