Enjoying La Conner, WA

Today I decided to take the day off and skip town with Amy. After some debating of where to go, considering that we have an event to attend tonight in Downtown Seattle, we decided to go to La Conner. A nice small town about an hour North of Seattle. It was a beautiful day (probably one of the last ones this year). 

And we had a great time. Lots of art galleries, and even two weird things: 

  1. Apparently lots of people are Gluten Free out there, so quite a few places we went to had Gluten Free things for Amy.
  2. And we ended up going to a bakery run by Trever McGhee, who currently has the Guinness World Record of the longest firewalk. And he owns a bakery and is “specialized” in making scones (and donating part of his profit to different charity organizations – today was the Boys & Girls Club). Very interesting person, but I guess that’s required if part of what you do is walking on hot coals, huh? 

Anyway, didn’t take many pictures there. For some reason I didn’t quite find many picture-worthy things. 

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