I still build stuff!

I see this blog is becoming a place where I paste problems I see on other people’s work. I’m sorry about that. I still do my work too! I can’t talk about what I do at my “day job” but I’ll eventually show some of the things that I’ve been doing on weekends. I just need to have a little bit more time on weekends to finish things, so that I can talk about them. Hang in there!

One thought on “I still build stuff!

  1. Ah, my friend… You just described my life nowadays. lol

    One of the reasons I post so few things on my blog is that I really don`t want to use it as a escape valve to complain about things when I am doing nothing to solve it myself (as you can see at asimovia.blogspot.com).

    But don`t worry, I still read it. 😀

    See ya!


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