Google+ is strange, and the bugs don’t help

From time to time I look at Google+ for a reason or another just to see if there is any interesting reason to use it. But every time I do that I find things that just make no sense. For instance, twice already I had Amy on my circles and suddenly she wasn’t on any circles anymore and Google+ was suggesting me to add her to circles. Huh? And I had to explain to my wife TWICE that it’s not that I removed her from my circles. Fortunately she doesn’t use Google+ so it wasn’t a big deal.

Today I had a new one. I received an email that somebody that I don’t know added me to her circle. So I went to Google+ to see who the person is… Not much information was provided, so I decided to look at the people that have added her to their circles. Google says: 8 people have her in their circles. I click on it and I get 5 people!!! But it gets better. In the bottom it has a small notice: “People who’ve recently circled <person> may not be shown.” and a question mark. I clicked on the question mark and…

Thanks, Google!

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