Mountain Dew as a breakfast drink

I was reading this article on the Seattle Times today:

Mountain Dew introduces breakfast drink with a jolt

And the first thing that came to mind is: oh, Mountain Dew is not a breakfast drink? I don’t drink it, but I’ve met multiple people that drink Mountain Dew all day long, including breakfast. So I’m not really sure how much market they will be able to get here. Maybe it’s just that they can charge more and make more money out of the people that will switch just because PepsiCo now says that this one is “good to drink in the morning”, so it must be healthy? It has juice (5 percent of it!) and vitamins! And, who knows, it might not have neon green color!

Anyway, thinking back on it, if people that drink Mountain Dew for breakfast change it to drinking this Kickstart, maybe they will be better off. It might have less chemicals, and some small nutritional value. It will have the same amount of caffeine (5.75 mg/oz), which could make people not drink more of it. So, go PepsiCo!

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