Enjoying the moment

Normally on Tuesdays I have voice lesson. However, yesterday it ended up being cancelled because my teacher had an urgent matter to deal with. Well, so I decided to use the evening to instead of just working late (which is not that I don’t have to do, as I still have a ton of performance reviews to write) to go to a concert: Eighth Blackbird. It was quite great! Nothing like come contemporary classical music to make your day more interesting!

The concert itself was reasonably short. About 1h 30min with a 15 minute intermission. They played 6 different pieces:

  1. Derek Bermel’s Tied Shifts (2004)
  2. Philip Glass’s Knee Play 2 from Einstein on the Beach (1975)
  3. Tom Johnson’s Counting Duets (1982)
  4. Gyögy Ligeti’s Études for solo piano, arranged for sextet (1985-94, arranged 2012)
  5. Andy Akiho’s erase (2011)
  6. Steve Reich’s Double sextet (2007)

As you can see, they are all pretty recent (almost all of them composed when I was already alive, which is quite unusual for classical music). The weirdest one was probably Tom Johnson’s Counting Duets. Unfortunately I can’t find any recordings for you to look at, but basically it’s for two musicians that just move around the stage counting (like “1”, “2”, “3”…). Just fascinating!

Anyway, they are nominated again for a Grammy. They already have two! I can’t necessarily claim that I understand the correlation between quality and being nominated to a Grammy, or even winning one in classical music, but at least it means that they have some following and some people that are investing money on them to get them into the Grammy’s. And I think it’s well invested!

One thought on “Enjoying the moment

  1. My friend, as far as I am concerned, the Grammy have some quality evaluation on it, but it is basically a popularity award, just like the Oscar or the Emmy.

    Anyway, the fact that they are nominated means they are doing a lot of success lately.


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