Is my HTML experience ruined?

When I joined Amazon, working in the catalog world, it made my life shopping at Amazon hard. I’d see all the possible catalog mistakes and it’s would drive me crazy.

Now that I worked with an HTML5 platform at Amazon, now I’m feeling like my HTML experience in general is getting ruined, because I’m doing the same thing with web pages. For example, this is what I saw today when I opened twitter on Chrome:

Pretty broken, right? Well, so I had to go and open it on Firefox and see what a different engine does with it:

Less broken, but still not optimal. I tried to look at the markup itself and it seems to be some very strange unicode character that is causing it. Oddly, when I look at the inspector things look much more like what it looks on Firefox. I don’t know what is causing Chrome to rotate those dots and then get confused about the text width and not know how to build that div. 

But let’s put blame on the right place. I decided to open it on Safari then, which is also a WebKit browser. And see what happens…

Fascinating… The font issue is the same, but it can figure out the right size for that div! Ah, HTML… 3 browsers, 3 different results!

4 thoughts on “Is my HTML experience ruined?

  1. Ah my friend, if I tell you what I see regarding this difference between browsers everyday, you would be surprised.

    But, just out of curiosity: did you try IE?


    • No, I haven’t tried IE because I was testing things on my mac. I did just try it now at work and it looks generally like Firefox. But my environment is so different and I can’t run Chrome on it* so I can’t be sure if it’s a valid comparison.

      As an aside, wondering why I can’t run Chrome on my work computer? Well, I wondered that too many times. As far as I can tell, it’s something related to the permissions set up on this machine blocks Chrome from creating new processes, which makes it simply not work at all – I can’t even open settings or anything, because they are all HTML pages and require a new process to render them. A complete failure in my point of view. In any way, the odd thing is that it’s not an Amazon security policy really, as all my other co-workers are happy Chrome users, it’s some odd state that my computer is in and I haven’t had time to take to somebody with more permissions on this machine to see if they can fix it.


  2. Pretty interesting indeed, specially if you consider that here at BM&FBovespa, where I`m working right now, the only browser I can install without asking my IT team about it is Chrome. Appears to me that Chrome don`t write anything at the registry.

    And… Well, tried Opera? 😛


    • I decided to bite the bullet and take my computer to Deskside and… They couldn’t fix it either! Even if they logged as Admin on my computer and launched Chrome, it wouldn’t open. So their recommendation: reimage Windows! And there goes my productivity for a few days…


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