Amazon AutoRip’s unexpected benefits

Amazon launched AutoRip, which provides you with automatic MP3 versions of albums that you bought in CD form from Amazon. Not all CDs work, but for the ones that work, it will make things a little easier. Doesn’t sound very exciting, right? Well, I went to check today what CDs were auto-ripped for me (well, all my CDs are already in MP3 format, so I was wondering what would happen with those) and it added 4 CDs to my collection. All 4 actually were CDs that I bought for other people! Thanks, Amazon (well, maybe I should thank them more if I really wanted those songs…)!

2 thoughts on “Amazon AutoRip’s unexpected benefits

  1. Hehehehehehe… Good to know that. Looks like there will be two people enjoying all the cds I get at Amazon: me and the one i gave the CD. 😛


  2. At least you will think you will be enjoying it. So far, everybody that I’ve talked to that have seen the same thing also mentioned that none of the ones that they’ve received so far were songs that they wanted.

    I was thinking about how many I should expect eventually when Amazon gets to the back catalog and I realized that there won’t be as many for me. The time that I used to buy a lot of music CDs, I used to go to Livraria Cultura for them. After I moved to the US I feel like I haven’t really increased my music collection much until the era of MP3s. And now I’ve stopped again because I have Spotify…


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