Happy New Year!

Amazingly 2013 is here! 2012 was a tough year. It was busy but not really as busy as 2011, but it was more introspective. It’s hard to pinpoint what the problem of 2012 was, but now that it’s over, maybe I can just leave it behind and move onto 2013. And there is lots in store for it already:

  • On January 14th I start in a new team at Amazon working on yet another secret project. My two years at Kindle were amazing. I learned a lot of what it means to do device and HTML5 development and handle working with a lot of people that are not on the same city I’m in. I’ve worked with some great people that can handle change in direction, or sometimes staying on the same direction for a long time, and still be fun and hang out from time to time.
  • End-of-march-ish my younger sister will become a mother of my first nephew (I have a niece). So that means I’ll be heading to Brazil at some point during the year, but I don’t know when yet.
  • More friends locally are going through the transition of becoming parents, which is also interesting.

Not much really changed in 2012…

  • After singing bass/baritone for about 16 years, I was now moved to being a tenor 2, and it’s working alright so far.
  • I’ve started making bread more often (see other posts for more details)
  • I’ve gone on my first cruise (to Alaska)
  • I finally went to Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • My parents came to visit (they are here right now)
  • I’ve talked to my friends less (as much as it pains me to admit it)

Let 2013 come and bring joy to us all!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yeah, I know you are speaking less and less with your friends. 😛

    Anyway, happy new year! I think I`ll order some stuff at amazon, ask to deliver at your place so you can bring it to Brazil later. lol

    RegardsRodrigo (a.k.a. X)


    • Order away! Well, at least wait until I have an actual travel date for it. And I’ll try to let people know when that happens.


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