Election time… Time to watch everything on Hulu!

It’s that time of the year where elections are getting close in the US and candidates are getting desperate. What that means is that if you ever watch local channels you get minutes of commercials of one candidate just saying dirty things about another candidate. At least in Washington State, that seems to be the only strategy left! And then people are concerned when the vote turnout is very low – nobody would know who to vote on, because nobody ever seem to be saying anything positive about their campaign anymore.

Yes, I know I can’t vote in the US, and I don’t even watch local TV, mostly focusing my TV watching experience to using Hulu, where you don’t get all those election commercials (there is still some, but they are rare at least for the shows that I watch). So you might be asking why I care? Well, maybe it’s just my brain looking and something and identifying it as bad, and trying to fix it.

Fix it? How do you fix it? They are very likely effective at reducing the number of votes that your opposition will get on this election, so why should this change? Because I believe that is a strong psychological effect of voting on fear change caused by you not voting compared to voting for the hope of change (or continuation of what you believe is good) through vote. It build future engagement and ownership, instead of just complacency and isolation.

Anyway, politics is hard. There are to many variables always in play and pretty much every situation is fundamentally different than the other, so there is very little science that can help you most of the time. The best you can always hope for is that the person that has been elected is true to him/herself and that you won’t be surprised in a few years that they are actually doing things you never thought they would do. That’s how you lose all that hope and start believing more on the fear style of voting.

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