Brazilian wines?

When I lived in Brazil, I can’t say that I understood much of wines. I drank something occasionally, but mostly because my father drank something occasionally (or on Jewish holidays, but that usually meant bad sweet wine). After I moved to the US, actually more after I moved to Seattle, I started to pay more attention to it and appreciate more the variety and subtlety of flavors in wine. I still can’t say that I’m a huge wine drinker (I probably drink 2 cups a week on a good week), but I can now even sometimes select wines at a restaurant without being completely overwhelmed (sure, there are some restaurant wine lists that are built to be overwhelming).

Back to Brazil, one thing that I remember, is that Brazilian wine wasn’t really very good. If one wanted to drink “local” wine in Brazil it usually meant wine for Argentina or Chile. Apparently the industry has been growing since, which is good. I still can’t find Brazilian wine for sale in the US (at least not in the places I usually look). But could this be changing? Yesterday I received an email from Snooth with their “wine of the year” and… It’s the 2006 Lidio Carraro Tannat Grande Vindima. Interesting decision… Probably not a good one, but it does show that there might be some interest building on getting Brazilian wines to more people, which means that I might be able to tell how far off these people were on their assessment. Probably I’m not going to be spending $100 on a bottle of wine, but hopefully it works as a catalyst for other more affordable options.

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