Why use word-break:break-all?

I was looking at Newegg yesterday and I noticed that most of the text was kind of hard to read because lines would break at any point in a word and continue on the other line. For example:

At first I actually had no idea that you can do that with CSS. Why would such option exist? But it actually does: word-break:break-all! But that only changes the question to “Why would anybody use that option?”. Yes, it makes pages shorter, justified text take less space and add less blanks on your page, but it makes it so much harder to read! Does Newegg expect people not to read their pages and only buy their products? Or is this a statement against English word splitting rules?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that word-break:break-all is useful:

  • Handling very large strings, like URLs, on small spaces, like tables, where you don’t want to use text-overflow:ellipsis
  • Doing some text art

But I don’t see why people could find it a good idea to do it on their normal long-form text… Go figure!

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