My poor broken stand mixer…

A few weeks ago, while making pizza dough, our stand-mixer started making a strange noise and sometimes wouldn’t turn very well. Well, then we went to Alaska, then I was sick last weekend, so this weekend I finally opened the stand mixer (which is almost 8 years old, so it’s not under warranty anymore anyway) to find the problem. Here is what I found:

Isn’t this awesome? A nice crack on the gear housing… So I decided to look around for replacement parts for it and I found it from Mending Shed. There they said:

Original KitchenAid part that will replace your broken plastic housing

Yes, they knew that this happens often enough that they decided to change the way they do the part to use a metal housing instead of a plastic one. If this was a car, I would have received a recall notice! Why can’t it be the same? The model for those components is to have an “extended warranty” and then have to take it to some place to fix it when it breaks. Why can’t they be proactive and just replace it when they realize they did a bad design decision? Would make me more comfortable with the purchase.

Even if they don’t do this, why don’t they provide all this information on their website, with information to purchase parts? Welcome to the future, KitchenAid! Today people want to know and be able to fix their own stuff.

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