Impressions from Seattle Weekly’s Best of Seattle Party

Tonight we went to Seattle Weekly’s Best of Seattle Party. What is it? Well, in summary it is a set of local food and drink vendors (and a couple of other random people – more on that later) giving samples of a dish. You pay $30 per person (or $65 for VIP tickets that allowed you to get in earlier than everybody else and get a gift bag) and then you can eat as much as you want.

Well, that’s the theory. In practice you couldn’t really eat as much as you wanted, because most of the time you are actually waiting in line and after we’ve gone from line to line for almost all the food vendors once, the food was over.

But the food was good. A lot of pork! It felt like Seattle is the land of pork if you looked at the menu of those local restaurants: kimchi pork sausage, pulled pork rice and beans, roasted pork sliders, prosciutto and sundried tomato crepes… And that’s not all! There were a couple of chicken dishes and one place offering mussels. 

Also there was some local entertainment. A Teatro ZinZanni artist doing some interesting rope and large hoop acts. There was also a jazz-like band playing. They were not bad, but the sound was a little too loud for the venue. And also they started quite late when all the food and drinks were almost over, so people were leaving and not enjoying the music.

So, what is my conclusion? I enjoyed it, but I probably won’t do this again. It’s really not fun to be standing in lines for 2 hours to eat a bite here and a bite there. At least it wasn’t as crowded as Pike Place Market’s Arcade Lights. That event had way more vendors and much shorter lines, but you spend the evening squeezed going from one are to another. And it’s not all you can eat – you get a few tokens that you have to decide where to spend. So a good part of the evening you are just walking around trying to decide where to spend your tokens, which made it a little less fulfilling.

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