Thinking and Licking

Tonight Amy and I went for dinner at Annapurna Cafe. It’s a Nepali-Indian-Tibetan restaurant in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Besides being a little warm, the food was quite good. They had a lot of different options, which made it hard to decide what to eat, but in the end I think I chose something with a lot of vegetables, so I felt healthy. That’s why I didn’t feel to bad when we went to our next stop for dessert:

Lick, an ice cream shop also in Capital Hill. I’m not a big ice cream person, but the experience was interesting. Michael Avery, one of the owners, spends time getting you to try multiple of their flavors. All very unique! But the most interesting part was that he has a flavor that he allows you to taste and guess what was in it. It had 3 different ingredients (besides the milk/cream/sugar) and unfortunately I was only partially right. One of the ingredients was  red pickled ginger. I could tell it was ginger, but I felt it had a cherry-like taste, so I thought it was two of the ingredients (cherry & ginger). Unfortunately apparently the cherry flavor that I was able to get was really the plum flavor of the pickling juice of the ginger. Oh, well…

Anyway, I recommend people to try it. If not for the ice cream, it was worth the discussions with the owner and all the thought that he put into choosing the flavors.

On a different note, maybe what I needed to make this blog alive again was to move it. Let’s see how long it lasts!

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