Trying Squarespace 6

So this is a Squarespace 6 site. I’ve migrated right now most of my old site to this site and what do I think? Well, it’s actually a little bit harder to use than the previous one to tell you the truth. Easy things like adding links to my own site is actually really hard to do! I had to actually add a “code” block and write HTML myself to do it, instead of just pasting a link (because all links seem to be absolute).

The drag-and-drop is also a little buggy. To build the blog index, for example, I had to restart maybe 3 times until I was able to figure out how to correctly drag-and-drop things.

When it’s done, however, it looks pretty neat. They did a pretty good job at making the “basic” stuff very easy to do. Maybe I just need to get used to doing more “basic” things! 🙂

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m really going to migrate my Squarespace 5 site to this. But if you are reading this, it probably means that I, as a good early adopter, decided to go for it. Let’s see.

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