Careful with how I name my articles, or not…

This week I received an interesting comment on one of my old posts in one of the precursors for this blog:

Why use inheritance

I wrote that post after interviewing a candidate that had no idea of what OO design really was, and this wasn’t caught by a previous interviewer because I don’t think that that person knew the answer for that question either.

So what was the comment? I quote (because I don’t remember the password for my previous blog, so I can’t approve it on that post):

We actually hoped that this post will help us to answer the question “Why use inheritance?”, so please STOP and DON’t use a title like “Why use inheritance?” to catching people from google search 😉 See, your sucked article is a base class and my reply is a child class…

Anyway, I didn’t choose that name to become a top result on Google search when you search for “why use inheritance” (I was number 3 on that search last time I looked, which is not an example of how good I am at SEO, but how bad Google is at ranking). I chose it because that’s what was going through my mind when I wrote that post. I did add a “disclaimer” that it wasn’t suppoed to be considered as an authoritative answer to the question. I’m sorry if Google’s search engine doesn’t know how to read disclaimers.

PS: Yes, I know that by adding one more link to that article there is a chance that it will be moved even further up on Google search results. Oh, well…

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