Angry at Flash updates

It’s easy to be annoyed with the amount of updates we receive on software lately. Especially when you have many of them, like on my iPhone (and it’s not that I have that many things on my iPhone, but I always seem to have at least 5 updates a week for my programs). Or when it’s a Windows update and Microsoft decides that you should take it and they should restart your computer without asking (making me lose work that was running on the computer overnight).

Today, however, I want to complain about Adobe Flash updates. And I’ll focus on two specific points on them: the amount and the information on the updates.

Amount: they seem to happen all the time! And, for some reason, my windows machine at work has both Flash 9 and Flash 10 installed, so I get two updates at a time!

Information: if you are asking me to update something, please tell me what I’m updating. I think that the windows update provides some information, but the Mac one says:

But then when you try to “See details…” you get to a page that contains the release notes to all versions, and not just what I’m trying to update. Thanks, Adobe!

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