Back from Whistler

Amy and I just arrived back from our 1-year anniversary trip to Whisler, BC, Canada. It’s actually quite amazing that this weekend (well, a prolonged weekend, as we’ve arrived only today, Tuesday) was the first time that I’ve been to Canada (except for the Toronto airport on the way to Spain last year), and I’ve lived only hours away for almost 7 years now… There are reasons, but I’ll leave them for some other time. Let me focus on this post on first an overview of the trip. Once I have the pictures ready, hopefully I’ll find some time to post more details with pictures.

The trip started on Saturday morning. We left Seattle in the morning, arrived at the border at around 11am, went through in about 20 minutes and at 11:45 we were at our first destination: Dim Sum in Vancouver at Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Amy had to survive a Dim Sum (yes, like all Dim Sums around here, it’s not very vegetarian-friendly), but the food was quite good. Certainly the best Dim Sum that I’ve had yet, but that shouldn’t be shocking for anybody that knows the quality of Dim Sum in Seattle and Vancouver.

After that, we went for a walk around Stanley Park. It’s a huge park, great for hiking around, but not necessarily that good for just strolling and enjoying the sights. When you get to the water the view is just OK and most of the hikes are in the middle of wooded areas, so you don’t get a lot of variety.

Then we left for Whistler… It’s supposed to be a 2-hour drive but there was a motorcycle accident on the road and we were stuck in traffic for an hour until they were able to divert everybody. We arrived in Whistler it was already around 6pm. We walked around Whistler Village, had a not-so-good dinner and listened to pretty terrible music, and learned that even though the temperature during the day gets pretty warm, it’s quite cold at night, and we weren’t very ready for it.

Sunday we took the gondola up Whistler mountain, and hiked a little around there, enjoying piles of snow, took the gondola to Blackcomb and then down to the upper village. The rest of the day was hanging out at the village.

Monday, our anniversary, we rented some bicycles and went around the lakes for a 20-kilometer bike ride, stopping to have a picnic around one of the lakes, and then arrived back to the hotel to realize that none of us are in great shape for riding bicycles for that long, so we mostly just crashed at the hotel until dinner. Dinner was at Bearfoot Bistro, which was quite excellent. Then back at the hotel we had our wedding wine and crashed.

And now we arrive at today, Tuesday. We woke up quite early, packed and left back to Seattle, stopping at Bellingham for lunch. The trip back was much shorter, as we barely had any traffic anywhere, including as we were arriving in Seattle at 4:30pm. But it’s still tiring…

That’s it! It ended up having a little bit more details than I was planning. I’ll add pictures to the story in the (hopefully near) future.

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