Things have still been busy. Summer in Seattle is always a little crazy. At the same time that it’s really the only time of the year that you can more safely venture out and schedule trips and outings (for example, last weekend we went camping with some friends at Cougar Rock, below the snow line on Mt. Rainier – pictures available on my SmugMug gallery), it’s also time when days are long and my brain seems to be more active.

Yes, most of the days I arrive home a little on the tired side, but when I’m not (like today – and I’m not going through the reasons for why I’m not that tired today), I keep thinking of what else I should be doing. So I finished reading The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1), I watched some TV, but then I was eventually back to my computer thinking of what I want my next project to be.

Yes, I still have the robot to work on and from time to time I find myself in my new “shop” trying to get back to it and remember what I was trying to do (mostly still make sure I can consistently install Linux with all drivers, libraries and tools that I need on my BeagleBoard). At the same time, I feel like I need something more tangible and that I would be able to finish with the little time that I have free during this time of the year.

Here are my current thoughts:

  1. Automated irrigation based on soil moisture sensors: Not too hard to do. There was an article that talks about part of it on some Make Magazine at some point in the past (although what they were doing was activating a pump for indoor irrigation, instead of turning on my drip irrigation system, which is what I plan on doing). The tricky thing is that probably when I’m done with it, planting season would be either over, or close to it.
  2. Wireless lighting control: switch all my light switches with a combination of a switch and a wireless controller, to allow me to easily just turn off all the lights in the house, or turn on lights from anywhere I am. I actually have a plan for this, but at the current estimated price of $50 a light switch, it’s a very expensive endevor.
  3. Some sort of sensor network, like keeping track of the wine temperature. It would be a start for #2 to see if I really want to go ahead with it.

There are a couple of other minor project (and a couple of other major ones, like building a 3D printer), but they are not really in the running. The issue is that I’ve been thinking and planning those projects, and when I think I have made a decision, it’s almost 1 AM and I probably shouldn’t be doing anything about it. And here goes yet another day of not doing. At least I blogged about it. So it’s like talking about not doing anything.

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