From Cupertino

Right now I’m in a hotel in Cupertino, CA. You might be asking me what I’m doing here and the answer is simple: talking to people (i.e. working). So I can’t really say that I have a lot to say about here, as I haven’t been out of the hotel or the office much (the hotel is so close to the office that right now I’m in my hotel room and using the office wireless to connect to the internet). I only have two impressions:

  1. Now I understand why the woman that sat beside me on the airplane complained that Seattle was cold (even though the weather was great while she was there)
  2. This is the view from the office I’m staying:


Not too bad (taken with my iPhone 3GS by the way – I completely forgot to take a better camera, which would have been mostly a waste anyway), but quite boring compared to the mountain view that I used to have at my office in Seattle (and that turned to a lake view and now is a view from the building across the street).

I didn’t really want to make this email sound like I’m comparing Cupertino to Seattle, but that’s what it turned out to be. Oh, well… Time to go to the office for probably another 8-10 day (hopefully this time I’ll get some dinner before it’s too late and there is nowhere I can go besides the food market at the gas station down the street).

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