Our trip to Kitsap – Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Mini Maker Fair

Last weekend, Amy and I decided that because it was one of the very few weekends I didn’t have to work, we should get out of town. I looked at my calendar and saw that on Sunday it was the Kitsap Mini Maker Fair. So we decided that we were going to head that way, spend the night in a bed and breakfast around there and then head to Poulsbo for the fair.

The final plan ended up being:

  • Take the ferry to Bainbridge Island early afternoon on Saturday (we had to run some errands in the morning)
  • Walk around downtown Bainbridge Island (a.k.a. the big construction zone)
  • Go to Holly Lane Gardens bed and breakfast and spend the night there
  • Drive to Poulsbo in the morning after breakfast and walk around downtown Poulsbo (which doesn’t take very long)
  • Head to the Fair
  • Drive to Kingston and take the Kingston Ferry back

Pictures are worth more words than I can write here, so for a visual summary of the weekend, head over to my SmugMug slideshow. Here are some highlights:

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