The King’s Speech… meh

I guess the title of this post tells everything I really want to talk about this movie. I just watched it with Amy. The story is interesting, because it talks about somebody that rarely appears in the WWII stories, but was there and had some importance to what was going on. Another plus was that it didn’t really have any romance just injected to make some people happier with the movie. But that’s where it ended. Acting was alright, although some times I though the main characters were a little lost on their personas. The king-to-be sometimes would lose his stutter for no apparent reason, or get completely blocked. The “doctor” was also sometimes brilliant on his approach to break the psychological blocks around the stutter, but sometimes it would just feel like he was talking to a different patient.

Another thing that I actually didn’t like was the camera angles. Most of the movie was shot with close-up shots with a blurred background, and made you lose a little bit the sense of location, while this was a very important piece of the movie. They were in London just before WWII started, it wasn’t really a “timeless” story.

Anyway, would I recommend other people to watch it? I don’t think so. Will the movie win a lot of Oscars? Probably, but that hasn’t meant much in a long time.

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