Opening a new chapter

Yesterday marked the last day at my old position at Amazon. It was a wonderful 6+ year ride, but I decided that I should try something else for a change. I’m still at Amazon, but instead of working in the catalog side, I’m moving to the Kindle side. I can’t really talk much about what I’ll be doing there, which is the major drawback for this new position, but it’s certainly going to be very exciting, and challenging (which are two highly correlated features).

Looking back at my work so far at Amazon, it has been a very interesting mix of things. It’s actually not that easy to come up with a very well abstracted set of problems that I’ve worked with all the time, but let me give it a try:

  1. I’ve started with metadata modeling and building services for exposing this metadata, and allowing people to edit it.
  2. Then I moved to classification, which was also quite interesting, mostly due to philosophical discussions of what classification really is, and how it affects customers.
  3. After that my next step was analyzing and visualizing entity extraction algorithms. 
  4. Next was data modeling, storage and building APIs for people to use this structured data efficiently in high load, low latency systems.
  5. Then came NLP and building parsers, which turned into building a domain-specific language for configuring those parsers.
  6. Finally I moved to something more like IR, but that ended up being much more like building parsers again.

In the middle of all this, there was a lot of teaching people, interviewing and designing.

I guess that’s it for now. My house is in a little bit of a turmoil because we are remodeling the downstairs. Weekends are busy going shopping for materials and other remodel stuff. So I haven’t been staying at my computer much, which ends up reflecting on the amount that I’ve been blogging lately. I don’t expect this to change any time soon, but we’ll see how inspired to write about things I’ll get once I start diving deep into learning new things for my new position.

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