Reflections on an old year

I guess it’s time for my annual reflection of the previous year (actually twice yearly, as I do that for Jewish new year also). A lot happened this year so it’s really hard to know where to start. Let’s start with the personal accomplishments:

  1. I’m now married: I guess that’s probably the most important thing to write about, although I can’t really say that things changed much after that, besides a lot of bureaucracy of joining bank accounts and credit cards.
  2. Out of my local (meaning, Seattle) closest friends, most now have kids. Last year the count was at 2, now it’s at 5.
  3. I decided to move onto a different job. It’s still at Amazon, but I decided to work on something quite different, somehow related to the Kindle. I can’t talk much more about it yet. Maybe by April or May I can provide a little bit more insight on what I’m working on.
  4. I’m starting a big home remodel, redoing the whole basement. Technically the remodel will only happen in 2011, but the selection of architect, architecture plans and contractor happened in 2010, so that counts. And that’s very fresh on my mind because I was moving everything out of the basement this whole weekend.
  5. I’ve reached my weight goal. That’s what happens when I stop going to the gym… 🙂

Now maybe I need a little bit of personal shortfalls this year:

  1. I was not able to get the robot project completed by Robothon 2010. It was a busy year and getting my architecture that used multiple processors to work the way I wanted was way more time-consuming than I was expecting. I can’t even say that I have the Linux part under control. Things were starting to work and then I destroyed my OS and when I went to reconstruct it I realized that my documentation wasn’t as complete as I was expecting, so it’s still not working.
  2. I gave up on almost all my other side-projects. I either realized it was going to take too much time, or suddenly I wasn’t really interested in it anymore.
  3. I didn’t really blog as much as I was hoping to blog
  4. I didn’t develop my website as much as I was hoping for. This was probably mostly due to shortfalls #1 and #2, because I was hoping that sharing what I was accomplishing with those was going to be the main content of this site. However, as I didn’t accomplish much, I ended up not writing much.
  5. I continued my trend of not really reaching out to friends and keeping track of what they are up to and if they need help. It was still just easy to play the “I’m busy” card and not do anything. I’m sorry…

And let me stop here. There were lots of other things that I wanted to accomplish this last year and I didn’t get there, but I don’t think they were really realistic. This year will start a little slow because I’ll probably be spending a lot of time early in the year learning the skills I need to learn for my new job and looking for materials and stuff for the house remodel. Hopefully by the middle of the year I’ll start having time again and will then set up some goals for the year. So no new year resolutions yet (well, there were some, but nothing worth sharing here yet).

Anyway, I was going to try to summarize some non-personal accomplishments here also, but actually there weren’t too many this year. We had a lot of disasters (oil leaks, big earthquakes leveling almost whole countries, the US economy and the mortgage crisis, which is not a 2010 thing), but not a lot of good things. Yes, Spain won the World Cup and they were very happy about that (and they should be), but somebody had to win it. Nothing else really comes to mind, which is quite sad. So, in order for me not to be too sad, I’ll end here and wish everybody a good 2011! Let’s hope this is a better year for the world. It’s certainly going to be a different year for me!

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