Brazil’s population census released – ah, data!

Today IBGE (the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics) released the 2010 Census. It’s always interesting to go through and see what is going on. They even made a “flashy” site where you can navigate the whole country and state by state. A great time sink (I’ve already spent 15 minutes this morning playing with it). However, it could be better. There is one major thing that is making my life much harder on trying to analyze the numbers: they are not showing any growth percentages, or any other relative numbers. Also, they are only showing the numbers for the 2010 and the 2000 census, which makes it hard to actually understand any trends… Probably what I’ll do some time that I don’t have that much to do (probably never) is to figure out how to download the numbers and play with them myself.

It’s interesting that there is controversy about those numbers. People are saying that they should be 10-20% higher than they are reporting. Oh, well… The bottom line is that Brazil now has officially 185,712,713 people.

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