Picasso and Spur Gastropub… What an interesting evening!

Amy and I went out this evening to see a Seattle Art Museum member-only talk and exhibit on Picasso’s collection from the Musée National Picasso. Until January 17, 2011 SAM has a very interesting exhibit with 150 Picasso pieces from all the periods in his life. The most interesting thing about it is that you can see how much his style changed throughout his life. It was always “modern” but it switched from a more impressionist type, to more cubist, to others. He was really an amazing painter with a very long life (and many relationships).

After that we went to Spur Gastropub for dinner for another quite good experience. Also quite modern, with lots of interesting flavor and texture components, like a cheddar cracker, or creamy cauliflower puree, or plum jelly. We weren’t that hungry, so we only had 3 different dishes, but it’s probably a restaurant that is worth going back for. Maybe the next time I won’t have cocktails at SAM before and try the 5-course meal (or the 8-course one, if I don’t eat for a couple of days before it).

I feel like I should be providing deeper commentary than two paragraphs about the evening, but maybe I’m a little too tired for that. I had a very small glass of wine at the SAM reception and a glass of some mixed drink at Spur and that’s enough to make me quite sleepy. So I guess I’ll take off for the evening… But before I do that, I just remembered that there is one more thing I wanted to plug: OnLive. If you don’t know what it is, go to their website and find out. It’s a fascinating proposition.

I’ve been playing with it on and off for some time now and they are very close to getting it. At first I was quite disappointed because my connection would be interrupted once every 10 minutes or so making the game quite unplayable. However, lately things have been going almost smoothly. I haven’t had any game interruptions in a while and the only thing that still happens in sometimes things get a little laggy. The worst was when I was playing the demo of Fear 2 and when I turned around too quickly it couldn’t quite refresh things fast enough, which made me get confused on how much I had actually turned. So sometimes I would enter a room, look around and thought I saw where I had to go next. However, when I actually opened the next door I would realize that I actually had gone full 360 degrees and was going back from where I came. Quite annoying… But the actual shooting part was quite smooth and workable. And, by the way, the first 20 minutes of Fear 2 (which was the only free time that I had today to play) were quite great! I’m considering making it the first game that costs more than $5 that I’ll buy from OnLive… I still have to think about it.

I guess that’s it. Time go log off for the evening.

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