The disappointment of being unable to help

From time to time I receive some invitations to participate on online surveys (like pretty much everybody as online surveys are generally “cheap” to make and send around). And most of the time I decide to actually go through it, because I think that if I can give people feedback, there is a chance that I’ll end up getting something that I’m a little happier about if I can add to the numbers. Or maybe it’s because I’m a software developer, so I need to keep convincing myself that my clients actually know what they are talking about by putting myself on their shoes… 

Independent on what the psychological reason is to go through surveys, the worst experience is when I’m going through a survey and then suddenly I hit a bug that prevents me from finishing it. I’ve had this experience more than once with IEEE surveys, because their web administrator and designer are quite terrible (which is quite sad, as they are supposed to have tech-savvy people there). But today the problem was with a Chase survey. And it was an odd one… Somewhere after the 10th page or so, suddenly I reached a page that when I clicked the button to go on, the button appeared pressed but nothing happened. I tried to reload the page multiple times and do it again with the same result. The conclusion: I gave up on it and decided to write blog posts. Isn’t this much better?

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