Status on my project to use less Google products

I’ve been actively trying not to use Google products still. I’ve still been using Bing at work for general search and trying to search more “specialized” locations when I know what I’m looking for. I think the most successful has been using delicious for searching for specific websites. But I guess I’ve been so busy trying to finish a specific project that I haven’t had much more time to look at other things, so not much more done in that.

One part that I didn’t want to talk about last post is the one that I have done most change: Google Reader. I’ve realized that RSS doesn’t really work very well if you receive more than 500 messages a day (actually some days it was closer to 1200) and you only have time to check it every couple of days. So I decided to change my approach and go for tiering:

On Google Reader I’m keeping the blogs that have rare activity, or that I want to make sure not to miss. That includes blogs from friends, some local news and some electronics blogs, because it’s always fun to see what people are making out there. The rest all became bookmarks in a “daily” or “weekly” folder that I try to look almost daily and almost weekly. It’s been working alright so far. Actually the experience of actually looking through people’s websites and not just an RSS reader is quite nice (because some RSS feeds are very annoying with banner ads and only containing part of the article).

On the mail side, I’ve also started to unsubscribe to a lot of mailing lists that I didn’t read and that apparently reduced a little the number of false positives that the spam detector identified (where a positive is that it is spam). But it’s a little early to say. Unfortunately some mailing lists have no website counterparts, especially “deal” emails. Is this all that is going to be left from emails?

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