So little time and dealing with Gmail going crazy

I’ve been having very little time lately to sit down and think, which has reflected on my lack of posts on my blog. This month is going to be like this, considering that after that I’ll be on vacation in Spain for 2 1/2 weeks. 

And in the middle of all this, Gmail decides to get back to the 1-false-positive-spam-a-day mode, which forces me to read all my junk mail and identify what Gmail has classified as spam and it shouldn’t have. And it has been almost 1 a day, or maybe about 5 a week, which is quite terrible. I’ve done an analysis before and Gmail used to have about 6 false-positives a month. Well, it’s been about 20 this month, so there is something wrong about it. I even know people that have decided to completely disable the spam detection on Gmail (which is not something easy to do), because it had so many false positives. And what to do about it? Whine on your blog!

One thought on “So little time and dealing with Gmail going crazy

  1. Well, if you think you are away from the blogosphere, what I can say about myself? I don’t post anything since May. LOLBTW, I know how troublesome the anti-spam filter from Gmail can be, but I have much more problems with Yahoo and Hotmail than with Gmail (and for some reason, I receive something like 30 spam per day…).See ya!


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