Puzzled by Windows 7

I think I’m becoming an annoying user… Last weekend I spent some time looking into slideshow software (for obvious reasons). I installed a couple of sample programs on my Mac and on Windows and today I decided to clean some of them up. I’m not going to talk about the fact that the Mac doesn’t really have an “uninstall” feature, only going to the programs and throwing them in the trash (that removes the application, but could leave some configurations behind). I’m going to talk about uninstalling a program from the “great” Windows 7.

I went through my normal procedure of going through the Control Panel and looking for something like “Add or Remove Programs” that is now called “Programs and Features”. From the program panel I see the list of programs that exist to uninstall and read the following message:

Wait a minute… If I want to uninstall a program, why do I want to click on “Change” or “Repair”? This sounds very confusing… But the more confusing thing is that I can click on a program and sometimes I only get “Uninstall” and “Repair” options and the instructions said that I could “Change” too! Couldn’t they at least have “Change” there but grayed out?

Finally, why is “Uninstall” something that appears by “Organize” (that is always there)? Why is this supposed to be a natural place to find this option?

Anyway, maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old man.

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