Watching the World Cup… Yes, me!

I have to admit that for some strange reason (I’ll go through possible reasons later), I’ve actually been following the World Cup this year way more than I did in past years. I know I’m Brazilian and everybody in Brazil goes crazy during World Cup (certainly a generalization, but let’s say that a much larger amount of people pay attention to the event there compared to the average country), but I was always one of those people that would watch a few games here and there, but mostly for the social aspect of it (everybody was doing it) and I’d be cheering for the “other team”.

This year it’s somehow different. I find myself even going to work on a later bus to watch the first half of a game, or even considering rejecting doing a phone interview because I would force me to possibly not watch a Brazil game until the end. And I’m not really watching the games with anybody else. Sometimes when I go to watch a game during lunch I walk around asking if there is anybody else that wants to watch the game, but I’d go even if nobody said “yes”.

Why is it different, you might ask. Well, time is a matter of priorities. So for some reason my subconscious is considering that spending time watching a game is better than spending time doing other things. And I have a lot of other things to do! On weekends there are endless amount of stuff to do for that event 5 weeks from today. There is also the robot project and trying out “new things” (this weekend it was trying out OnLive – but more on that when I have more time to get a complete idea of how it works). Possibly watching the game is something that is socially accepted (because I’m Brazilian) and that is not any of those things.

Also there is a social aspect to it. I’m expected to be following the games and I know that it’s an expectation that I can easily fulfill.

Mind you, it’s not that I don’t like soccer – I actually really enjoy watching the games – it’s just that never in my life watching games had that high of a priority. Am I becoming “normal”? Maybe next thing I know I’ll start drinking beer!

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