Hulu finally came out with Hulu Plus, huh?

So the semi-rumor that Hulu was coming out with Hulu Plus finally came true. It wasn’t really a rumor, but just a feature that people knew was coming, but didn’t have many details about, or a date.

Well, it’s out! And I went through their feature list and I was not able to convince myself that it’s worth $10/month. Maybe when it’s available on my TV directly (which they claim is going to be in the Fall), I might reconsider it. But for now it’s not that I really wished I had access to more episodes of series, or higher quality image.

So what would make me do it? Well, if I could get a file on my iPhone or computer instead of only streaming, so that I could watch episodes on the go, it would be a good start. It could even be restricted to watching only once, or having it on my device for at most 3 days… That’s the feature that I miss the most from using streaming for most of my movies and TV shows now.

Yes, you might claim that I’m really not their target audience, as I don’t watch anywhere close to 2.8 hours  of TV a day [source], and I have only been following a handful of TV shows (most of them not running during summer*), but TV series are pretty much the only thing that I watch on TV. I get the news from the Internet (and occasionally I’ll buy an issue of a newspaper on my Kindle), I get science and history information from books and the internet, and I don’t watch talk shows or reality TV.

Sure, there is the occasional show I like to watch on Food Network, but I’m getting really sick of Food Network becoming a “reality”/”food competition” channel more than an “instructional” channel.

Anyway, when my shows are back in the fall, and my TV can stream Hulu directly, I’ll revisit the decision.

* If you are interested in what I’ve been watching, here is the list:

  • FlashForward (canceled)
  • Stargate Universe
  • Happy Town (reminds me of Twin Peaks somewhat)
  • Fringe
  • V
  • Warehouse 13 (I was getting quite tired of it at the end of last season, but I’ll try the beginning of this season to see)
  • Sanctuary (also I was getting tired of it by the end of last season)
  • 24 (I tried to stay away from it, but I did watch the last two seasons)
  • Kings (canceled?)
  • Defying Gravity (canceled?)
  • House (most of the episodes are really boring right now, but maybe I like to be bored)

It looks like a pretty long list? Something like 11 hours a week? Well, if I actually count episodes, it’s more like 4.5 hours/week, which still sounds more than I actually watch…

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