iOS 4 – a week after

So it’s been a week that I’ve updated the OS on my iPhone 3GS to iOS4. There are lots of impressions from people out there, but I think I need to just add some quick notes about my experience:

In general I think it’s a great update. The background programs are useful if you are switching between programs that are not organized to be side-by-side. The ability to group programs made my app selection much easier and quicker to get from app to app. I don’t have that many apps, but I already had about 4 pages of them flattened, and I always found myself taking a lot of time to find the App that I was looking for. After I did all the reorganization, I haven’t yet had problems finding things. One minor painful thing is that reorganizing takes a lot of time.

But the thing that has sold me on it is improved battery life. Every day I was getting home and my iPhone was either at 20% battery or less. Lately (with one exception and I’ll talk about it soon), I’ve had 40-60% battery left at the end of the day, which is quite exciting. Still not enough to forget charging at night, but it was quite sad to not be able to listen to podcasts or music on my way back home because my music player was out of battery.

I only had one exception for this: last Friday it decided to run out of battery just as I was leaving work. When I started it again, I realized I had about 10 different programs in the “background” (note that “background” programs on the iOS are not really running all the time, but might be consuming resources). Yesterday and today I made sure to keep my background programs to a minimum and it’s back to the “good” 40-60% EOD battery life.

You might be asking if I want to buy an iPhone 4 to have that great new screen, dual camera and the funny metal sides that are causing antenna interference. Well, the rumored 2+-day battery life sounds exciting, but I don’t think it’s work spending over $500 to renew my contract and get it. I’ve only been with my 3GS since September, so I still have a long way to go. Maybe I’ll think about next year’s iPhone.

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