The temptation of EVE

So I have to admit I used to be an EVE online player. I can never say I really had enough time to get very deep into the game, but I’ve played it enough to start to understand what it took to get into it – and that’s when I decided that I wouldn’t have the time for it and abandoned it.

Apparently I didn’t completely abandon it psychologically, because I still receive their monthly newsletter and every time that I read it, I feel like I should go back to playing it. In the newsletter they talk about how the game economy is doing (which is always fascinating) or, like on this month, they talk about their current tournament, the Alliance Tournament VIII, where teams battle with their choice of spaceship and weapons. There is an interesting point system to balance out the teams and from what I can see on the videos and discussions, the teams do look pretty balanced.

But the interesting thing about EVE is not really what CCPGames does, but what the community has built for the game: a tournament support website. Where you can see the current scoreboard and statistics related to which ships are winning more often and things like that. It’s quite interesting!

If you are interested in looking at how those battles work, you can look at their channel on YouTube, where all games are being uploaded, or catch it live on their website (if you are around at the right time – the tournament ends tomorrow).

You might be asking if I’m considering joining EVE again. The answer is not at the moment. I need to work my robot project and if I want to play something, I just bought Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is certain to occupy the remaining free time (rare with all the other stuff that I have to do). But maybe when all this is over, I could consider it again.

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