Goodbye José Saramago

I don’t usually write anything about the passing of famous people because I think this idea of following the life of somebody you haven’t really met more than the people that you have met and were friends for a good part of your life is quite strange But I’ll make an exception here to highlight an author that has molded my taste for books and understanding of how form and content in literature can also make a lot of difference even if you don’t get into poetry His book – more specifically Memorial do Convento – was the book from the list of books I had to read to prepare for college entrance examinations that I enjoyed the most I won’t write a review on the book here because it’s been 16 years that I’ve read the book In any way I just want to point out to people that the world just lost another brilliant person

And, yes, one of the most memorable things from “Memorial do Convento” was the lack of punctuation and very long paragraphs. I know I didn’t do much justice with my paragraph above, but it was all I could do at 6:45 in the morning.

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