New blog means more blogging?

Well, so I decided to renew my blog. Not only this, actually make myself an actual home page where I can add more things than just a blog. I can have links to my projects and even potentially other more static content, such as pictures (right now, I’ve only provided a link to my SmugMug galleries on the right bar).

What is my goal with this website? Well, first a little bit more organization of content. First thing, I’m trying to categorize all my new posts into actual topics. This way you can keep links to just one type of topic, if that’s what you want to follow. There should also be RSS feeds per topic, if you are one of those RSS feed people.

Then I also plan on starting to post more of my personal projects. I feel like blogs are not a very good format for projects, especially because the information gets lost over time and you don’t have a good format to provide actual iterations on it.

That’s all I have in mind so far. Nothing really fancy, because I know that even the “simple stuff” will be things I will have a hard time to keep up with. It’s just hard when my mind is always busy handling different problems to actually find some time to write something coherent down that other people could enjoy.

So, welcome to my new blog!

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