Misleading “price promotions”

One day in my far past I decided that I needed web hosting. After looking around for options, for some reason I’m not too sure of why anymore, I went with Textdrive. I was fairly happy and used it for one project that ended up dying after some time. Then Textdrive was acquired by Joyent. And with it I received a lot of other free products, like file storage, contact and calendar manager, and others.

Joyent continued its merry way acquiring other companies and merging products. One of the few “added” products that I used was Strongspace, a simple file storage solution. It was free and it felt like I was using at least some of the $15 I was spending with hosting every month.

Then they decided to migrate to “Strongspace 2.0”, a much better system. And with it they were giving me a promotion:

More for less! Right? Not really. I used to pay $15 for the whole hosting, now they are offering me $4/month for just the file storage. The sad thing is that, as I said, it’s the only thing I use. So I have to think about it…

Alright. Late for work. Time to go!

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