US Healthcare Reform

You might think that it’s odd that I’ll be posting about the US Healthcare Reform, huh? Well, maybe you won’t find it that odd when you realize that I’m not really going to be posting anything useful about it. It’s a very complicated topic that I will make strong claims that I don’t really understand much to comment. I’ll just say that the US Healthcare is completely broken and needs a reform. How to reform it is a completely different subject.

But to lighten the mood a little, and to give you the reason why I decided to post this, here is how much people are investing on trying to get their ideas out about this topic:

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

PS: I need to change the template of my blog. It really annoys me that this template is way too narrow for me to paste good images or videos. I’ll figure something out sometime soon (eventually when I decide to use this blog more often again)

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