Weird email

I just received a very weird email from somebody I don’t know, sent to about 10 people, among which I know about 3 of them, asking urgently, with lots of capital letters, that he needs the email address from some other person I never heard before. This is what makes this strange:

  • The double randomness: a person I don’t know asking for another person that I don’t know
  • The fact that I know some of the people on the recipient list: and it’s relevant. The person is asking for the contact of a researcher and the people that I know on the recipient list are all researchers
  • A web search can answer his question: why is he asking randomly if he could have found the answer by himself
  • The person that asked identified himself as a researcher from Iran. Maybe they don’t have very reliable web access there with all the government trying to hide their internal problems…

Am I going to help? I don’t think so. I wished I had the courage to do it, but unfortunately the web is too “dangerous” for you to be nice with a random person. There are too many things that can go wrong.

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