Me? I’m still around

I need to apologize for my lack of useful posts lately. I’m going through another endless period of being busy thinking too much about things and not doing that many different things. Probably the only interesting that I can post is that last weekend I went to a wedding in Southern California and stopped at Los Angeles to meet with a friend from high school. He moved to the US for college and stayed around.

The interesting thing about meeting him is that he keeps in touch with a lot of our old high school friends, unlike me. In certain ways, it’s because they are his last friends when he left Brazil. But probably the main reason is that I’m just not the type of person to keep track of all my friends and figure out what is going on with everybody. I did do some of it for some time, but it’s just too much time spent doing something and not thinking about things. All that time was deprioritized.

The highlight of the trip was going to The Getty Center. It’s a great museum, both as the location and architecture of the grounds and the collection. The good thing is that we arrived there early enough that it wasn’t too hot yet, and the crowds hadn’t yet made it too hard to appreciate the exhibits. The bad thing is that I had to leave reasonably early to go to the wedding, so we didn’t have much time to actually walk around that much. I probably was only able to see something like 10-20% of everything.

The less interesting thing that I can write is that yesterday we had the second installment of “4th of Pizza”, the every-3-year pizza-on-the-grill party. This time the pizza didn’t work as well. I made the dough and rolled it out way too early and didn’t have space to put it in the fridge. The result is that it was all gluey and deformed when people tried to cook it on the grill. Quite messy! But it was all gone anyway. I’ve made 4 recipes of pizza dough (what was supposed to be good for 8 large pizzas) for about 20 people and I think it wasn’t quite enough. People didn’t have the opportunity to try to make dessert pizzas.

Now back to my programming language creation task.

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