Starting to know people?

It’s odd when I’m reading an article on a “popular” blog and suddenly I realize I know the people the person is talking about. Here is today’s example:

Bye, bye Bay Area: Oberoi back in Seattle with stealthy startup

I used to work with both these guys! Actually I saw them at the U. District on Wednesday. They were walking around and I was inside a bus going home. Unfortunately I couldn’t talk to them…

Sure, it’s a little cheating that I’m looking at a Seattle tech news blog, but it’s interesting anyway. From time to time I start to ask myself if I should take the time and start writing and replying to emails again… Get to know people again and not rely on talking to “hubs” to know what is going on. Then I realize how many things I want to do and I hide again.

Oh, well… Welcome back Gaurav and good luck!

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