Web 2.0 maps… Should we really care?

I came across this on FriendFeed today:

From Dot.com to Dot.gone – Web 2.0 Start-ups That Have Vanished

An image with Web 2.0 company logos that were active in 2006 and then annotated with which have gone out of business and which have been bought by other companies. In other words, it actually has one case of success (being acquired) and two of failure (going out of business and still being around – ok, some do have this odd plan of making money and being around, but this map doesn’t identify the ones that are actually profitable right now).

I thought that the most interesting and telling thing of this map is that I probably only recognize about a quarter of them. Certainly I’m not in the target audience for most of those websites, but 25% seems a little low for companies that are hoping to get somewhere.

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